VoIP CCTV Camera in Penang, Kedah, Perak

What is a VoIP CCTV Camera

A VoIP CCTV camera is device that allows users to establish a connection from the camera to any VoIP enabled telephone or any electronic devices installed with VoIP software. Using this remote connection, users are able to view video footage captured from the camera and remotely open doors from anywhere with internet connection.


Why VoIP CCTV Camera

The VoIP CCTV Camera is ideal for monitoring front doors when the user may be away from home, since it can be remotely monitored and controlled from any electronic devices. The system is easy to install without spending much effort or cost. It only requires 2 cables (data and power), it saves the process of drilling and laying down extra cables.

Our VoIP CCTV Cameras are a good choice in many premises. If you are a business owner who has offices in cities like Georgetown and Alor Setar, this product has the potential to provide the benefit of allowing you to control who is allowed to enter the office. With its remote monitoring capability, you do not need to be in the office to control the door, instead remotely open the door with just a mobile app and internet connection.


Homes and apartments will benefit greatly once they have VoIP CCTV Cameras installed. Having a hemispheric view, the camera is ideas for monitoring long corridors, which is commonly found in high-rise apartments and shop houses in Georgetown. A normal CCTV can only monitor 1 direction of a corridor, whereas the VoIP CCTV Camera’s hemispheric lens allows viewing of both directions in a long hallway.






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Key Benefits of Infinixtech

Important TIPs for customers:

When it comes to selecting which CCTV Camera best suits you, we have summarised our years of experience and feedbacks from customers; so we hope this will help you to become a smarter consumer.

  • Unlike standard door cameras which only provides a 90 degrees viewing angle, meaning that they can only capture the visitor when they are standing directly in front of the camera, our product’s 180 degrees hemispheric view ensures that the visitor can be captured even if they stand at a steep angle away from the camera.
  • Smartphones and tablets can be installed with the VoIP app, which allows users to remotely monitor the camera. Meaning users can directly talk to the visitor and even open doors.
  • Check for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure); some brands can only last a couple of years.
  • Check the licensing fees for softwares, and cameras; if not done properly, customers can pay a lot of unnecessary sum due to legislation.
  • Check for power rating and storage requirement to support your camera. Additional cabling and storage may cost additional charges.
  • Be sure you have enough bandwidth and processing power, if not, most of the time your camera signal is lost.
  • Check for the specifications of camera, understand the features of camera to best support your security objective. Installing wrong cameras are just plain waste of resources.
  • If you’re in special and sensitive industry, (e.g. banking); make sure your security system is powerful and not prone to hacking events.

These are the things to be aware of before installing CCTVs, some merchants may not want to disclose camera limitation. We hope that you have done the due diligence to avoid dispute. In Infinixtech, we work hard to preserve the quality and making sure our system are all industrial-grade facilities. All the challenges will be solved by Infnixtech before we quote the price.

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