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Dome CCTV Camera
Dome CCTV Camera

What is a Thermal Camera

Thermal Image 2 Mobotix 280x215You might have heard of thermal camera or thermal imaging camera, it is a technology that detect relative temperature within the scope. This technology is powerful and useful in many area, especially in security and maintenance sector. As you can see in the figure, there are colours within the image, blue means cooer area and yellow means warm; red means hot.

This is the basic function of thermal imaging, we will go deeper into the advanced thermal imaging technology.


Why Thermal Imaging

Imagine in this case 1:
You have a factory or warehouses with expensive production machine. In order to keep the machine in good condition for years, you are warned not to overheat the machine. Thermal imaging with intelligent analytics give you good insights and warn you minutes before the machine overruns. It can set multiple threshold temperature and send appropriate signals to managers and security department to standby.

Imagine another case 2:
There is a restricted area in your vicinity, in cold dark night where most CCTV are less sensitive, thermal imaging becomes the primary detection. Any person that found wander in the restricted area or come near the fence will trigger an alarm and send signals to security outpost. This is exceptionally powerful because day or night, human emits heat energy and this is vital. With the help of quality and sensitive thermal imaging, we can easily detect presence of a living being or machine.

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Case 3:
You have a supposedly empty parking lot within your vicinity, you want Thermal Image Mobotix 280x215to know how many cars are there and some just came in. A sensitive 50ml thermal camera will help you to find out using the heat emitted from car engine. A car that just pulled in will give hot signals. A car that has been there some time will emit warm
signal. A vehicle that is parked there for long time will emit no heat energy. Leaving the blue colour in the tone.


Advanced Technology

Besides what we have mentioned above, there is more to Infinixtech Thermal Imaging Technology, you can choose to have overlay thermal image that sets a threshold temperature. Any temperature drops below the threshold will give you original image. This helps users to monitor video surveillance even better.
e.g. the car park image in above figure.

Furthermore, we are proud with the thermal camera sensitivity. Most thermal cameras out there produce a 100 milli kelvin sensitivity, even the big brands cannot achieve high thermal resolution. Another problem faced by customers are expensive thermal camera. We are proud to offer you the best cost-effective solution which provides you a 50mk thermal camera at a competitive price.

Last but not least, our thermal camera can couple with motion detection, meaning it can tell you if the subject is moving or not. This is extremely useful because now you have two layer of protection. Knowing a living person moving towards restricted area or just passing by makes resource management more effectively.


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Key Benefits of Infinixtech

Important TIPs for customers:

When it comes to selecting which Thermal Camera is the best, we have summarised our years of experience and feedbacks from customers (previously other companies); so we hope this will help you to become a smarter consumer.

  • Know the sensitivity range you need for your premise, and other features such as smart detection, motion detection and 2-way microphones.
  • Check for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure); some brands can only last a couple of years.
  • Check the licensing fees for softwares, and cameras; if not done properly, customers can pay a lot of unnecessary sum due to legislation.
  • Check for power rating and storage requirement to support your camera. Additional cabling and storage may cost additional charges.
  • Be sure you have enough bandwidth and processing power, if not, most of the time your camera signal is lost.
  • Check for the specifications of camera, understand the features of camera to best support your security objective. Installing wrong cameras are just plain waste of resources.
  • If you’re in special and sensitive industry, (e.g. banking); make sure your security system is powerful and not prone to hacking events.

These are the things to be aware of before installing, some merchants may not want to disclose their limitation. As a consumer, we hope that you have done enough due diligence to avoid dispute. In Infinixtech, we work hard to preserve the quality and making sure our system are all industrial-grade facilities. All the challenges will be solved by Infnixtech before we quote the price.

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