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Dome CCTV Camera
Dome CCTV Camera

According to a research conducted in the United States, a home or business (in the US) was broken into every eleven minutes. Based on this figure, intrusion detection system has nonetheless been a topic for theoretical research and development as security system companies like ours are constantly researching to develop the ability to identify and track break-ins. A good offense is the best defense. This axiom applies to the security industry as well in ensuring perimeter security. While it is agreeable that a strong offense provides a good defense, however, that defense will only be strong as its weakest link.

Having weak links means having unprotected perimeters, which translates into a dire risk of unprotected assets, unprotected people and inevitably, security breaches. All these intrusions can lead to a potentially disastrous ramification and therefore should be a major concern at all facilities. For instance, in the case of dealing with a huge parameter, conventional security patrols are simply too inefficient and ineffective. This boils down to a single solution of acquiring an advanced perimeter intrusion detection system which can work automatically 24/7.

In the past, perimeter intrusion detection system is not popular due to the high frequency of false positive leading to nuisance alarms as well as insufficient analytical tracking, real-time assessment or any environmental capability. All these make it an uphill task for security officers to respond in a prompt manner. However, as the technology has advanced, various sensors have undergone breakthrough improvements thus leading to efficiency and precision at a competent and cost-effective pricing.

Here at Infinixtech, we provide a reliable and durable intrusion detection system with minimal nuisance alarms and maintenance. Furthermore, our systems are able to accurately pinpoint the location of intrusion thus enabling you to take the necessary measures to ward off or protect against the unscrupulous intruders. Dealing extensively with customers throughout Malaysia, we are confident in securing your company or home compound and eliminating any risk of intrusion. Give us a call now and let us assist you.






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Important TIPs for customers:

When it comes to selecting which CCTV Camera best suits you, we have summarised our years of experience and feedbacks from customers; so we hope this will help you to become a smarter consumer.

  • Understand the floor plan of premises, you might need special features cameras to detect intrusions.
  • Understand the requirements and sensitivity of detection, it helps you to achieve cost-effective solution.
  • Check the resolution needed and understand the lighting condition as well. Infinixtech can provide technology to support low-light illumination.
  • Check for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure); some brands can only last a couple of years.
  • Check the licensing fees for softwares, and cameras; if not done properly, customers can pay a lot of unnecessary sum due to legislation.
  • Check for power rating and storage requirement to support your camera. Additional cabling and storage may cost additional charges.
  • Be sure you have enough bandwidth and processing power, if not, most of the time your camera signal is lost.
  • Check for the specifications of camera, understand the features of camera to best support your security objective. Installing wrong cameras are just plain waste of resources.
  • If you’re in special and sensitive industry, (e.g. banking); make sure your security system is powerful and not prone to hacking events.

These are the things to be aware of before installing CCTVs, some merchants may not want to disclose camera limitation. We hope that you have done the due diligence to avoid dispute. In Infinixtech, we work hard to preserve the quality and making sure our system are all industrial-grade facilities. All the challenges will be solved by Infnixtech before we quote the price.

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