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Dome CCTV Camera
Dome CCTV Camera

The demand for security and surveillance equipment especially closed-circuit television (CCTV) is rapidly on the rise in Malaysia especially in major cities such as Penang, Johor, and Kuala Lumpur. With the increasing population and growing disparity between the haves and have-nots, crime rates are steadily rising with each day. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. CCTVs, also known as video surveillance, are among the basic safety equipment to monitor the safety of a certain location apart from deterring crime from happening.

Nowadays, with the growing awareness of consumers on security, the local market demand for CCTV has been growing swiftly as enterprises, even those small and medium, are looking at video surveillance as a prime necessity. With the current advancement pace in technology, there is a clear and strong shift from analog to IP cameras. IP camera, which stands for Internet Protocol camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly used for surveillance which is able to transmit and receive data by means of a computer network and the internet, in contrast with its counterpart, analog CCTV cameras.

As a prominent CCTV company in Malaysia, particularly in Penang vicinity, we understand the needs of customers from our vast experience dealing with them in providing quality products which is the CCTV camera, and also speedy and efficient installation as we understand that for our customers, time is money. Any single minute passed without an adequate security solution might be a potentially disastrous and expensive loss.

We cater a myriad of CCTVs installation ranging from analog cameras all the way to the current sophisticated IP cameras. In fact, in dealing with a variety of customers, we are exposed to the latest innovative design of camera placement or the location of CCTV setup within a building to ensure the least overlapping of view possible as well as the elimination of blind spots of the cameras.

We are more than pleased to help reinforce your home or office security. We deal with customers throughout Penang regardless be it in Ayer Itam, Nibong Tebal, Butterworth, Tanjung Tokong, and Gertak Sanggul. We also accept jobs outside of Penang, such as Parit Buntar of Perak, Kulim and Sungai Petani of Kedah. Give us a call now and let our friendly customer service understand and attend to your needs.






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Important TIPs for customers:

When it comes to selecting which CCTV Camera best suits you, we have summarised our years of experience and feedbacks from customers; so we hope this will help you to become a smarter consumer.

  • Understand the floor plan of premises, certain angle is not suitable to install a 360 degree CCTV camera.
  • Check the resolution needed and understand the lighting condition as well. Infinixtech can provide technology to support low-light illumination.
  • Check for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure); some brands can only last a couple of years.
  • Check the licensing fees for softwares, and cameras; if not done properly, customers can pay a lot of unnecessary sum due to legislation.
  • Check for power rating and storage requirement to support your camera. Additional cabling and storage may cost additional charges.
  • Be sure you have enough bandwidth and processing power, if not, most of the time your camera signal is lost.
  • Check for the specifications of camera, understand the features of camera to best support your security objective. Installing wrong cameras are just plain waste of resources.
  • If you’re in special and sensitive industry, (e.g. banking); make sure your security system is powerful and not prone to hacking events.

These are the things to be aware of before installing CCTVs, some merchants may not want to disclose camera limitation. We hope that you have done the due diligence to avoid dispute. In Infinixtech, we work hard to preserve the quality and making sure our system are all industrial-grade facilities. All the challenges will be solved by Infnixtech before we quote the price.

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